Iggy's Allegories

  An After-Dinner Allegory for Adults  

Far from the Formicary


...Join Company N as they forage for food
Rounding over the top edge, the new recruits of Company N at last gain access to the Formica counter top. Alight, they merge with the combined stream of Companies A, S and T. Fleeting side-long sniffs, hurried greetings, glancing touches and the Companies mesh in dove-tail fashion like the teeth of a long zipper. The odor of triumph and Good Fortune is acrid in the warm air vibrating close to the surface, textured, wiggly and fluid over the flecked and mottled patterns underfoot. Ahead, converging columns entwine into a thick river that winds crookedly, crackling with electro-chemical excitement, across the flat expanse, then vertically uphill over hallucinatingly smooth white porcelain.