Iggy's Allegories

  An After-Dinner Allegory for Adults  

Shell Game


...A vaguely familiar fable retold
At Old McDonald's Pond on a deceptively clear sunny day with not a cloud in the sky, all the free-born animals were listening as Grizzly and Fox continued their bantering. You're not allowed to come up with hare-brained schemes, Fox this is just a race, pure and simple! You're calling me a cheater! I'm not a cheater, responded Fox. I'm just saying the contest should test our wits too you gotta be clever and faster, like me... We'll see who's cleverer and fasterer... um... faster, said Grizzly. OK, if you win fair square, Fox, I won't eat you! You don't scare me, Honey-lips. Your fat bear ass couldn't catch a gummi-worm! When I win I get the farmer's chickens and you leave the county! But... OK, Gummi-bear, I agree to your terms.