Iggy's Allegories

  An After-Dinner Allegory for Adults  

Viva Vespa!


...How the questions of one wasp upset the hive
Once upon a time - and many years before that - a community of wasps, or "Vesps" as they call themselves, were imprisoned under house arrest. Hostage of an unknown Host for an unspeakable act committed by unknown original members of the Hive, all Vesps suffer quietly and equally (or so they think). The original crime was so egregious that none even speak of it ever, yet every Vesp knows that they have always been prisoners. This historical vacuum is passed down from pupa to larva. All have forgotten how long it's been; instead, the Hive has set-up a communal life where all Vesps suck and chew together, sleep and breed together, sweat and ponder together (or so they think).